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How to download and install Slender

Zuzanna Blaszkiewicz


Slender is the original game in what has become a terrifying but extremely popular series based on internet folklore of The Slender Man myth. Slender: The Eight Pages is a free, first person horror game in which your only objective is to walk carefully through a dark forest with nothing but a flashlight in the hopes of finding 8 manuscripts about the paranormal creature known as the “Slender Man”. It sounds simple enough, but you must do this while trying to avoid the Slender Man.

If you’ve been meaning to try the Slender series and want to start at the beginning, but are having trouble installing the game, follow the simple steps below to get started with the terrifying adventure.

1. Download Slender

You can download Slender for Windows or Slender for Mac. The installation instructions found below are based on Windows, but you can install Slender for Mac in virtually the same way.

2. Unzip the Slender file

If you don’t have an archive tool already installed on your computer, download and install either WinZip or WinRAR. If you’re using a Mac, try archive tools like The Unarchiver or WinZip for Mac.

Once its been downloaded, click on the Slender v0.9.7 file and select “Extract To” from the top bar menu (if you’re using WinRAR, as in the image below). Select the folder where you want to content to be extracted to.

3. Extract the files

Once you’ve chosen the folder you want to extract Slender to, click ‘Okay’ and wait for the files to extract.

4. Open the folder

Once it’s been extracted, simply double-click on the Slender folder and open the game file.

5. Configure graphics

You can configure the resolution, graphics quality and chose whether you want to play in full screen or window mode. Then click Play, and you’re ready to start the terrifying search for The Eight Pages.

Slender: The Eight Pages may not be the most graphically advanced or complicated PC game, but it’s simplicity and creepy atmosphere are what have made the game such a success. The newest installment in the series, Slender: The Arrival, is sure to keep the terror coming.

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[Original article published on July 16, 2012]

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